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Ten Best-Selling Spy Novels of All Time


1.) Six Days of the Condor - James Grady
CIA agent Malcom (codename: Condor) discovers his teammates murdered in a blood spattered office. Only a mistake by the assassins has spared his life. While attempting to contact CIA headquarters for assistance, he again barely escapes another attempt on his life. Going underground, Condor must work alone to find the assassins before they find him.


2.) The Spy Who Came in from The Cold - John le Carre
Alex Leamas, a British agent in Berlin during the Cold War is responsible for keeping double agents in East Germany undercover and alive. When East Germans start killing the double agents, Alex is recalled to London where a daring plan is hatched. Under the guise of a disgraced and dismissed agent, Alex is sent deep into Communist territory to find and stop the assassins.


3.) From Russia with Love - Ian Fleming
The Russian organization SMERSH has targeted Bond for elimination. They bait their trap with a beautiful woman and the promise if the SPEKTOR code machine. As Bond seems to unknowingly walk into the trap, a dangerous game of Cat-And-Mouse ensues.


4.) The Oddessa File - Frederick Forsyth
Peter Miller, a freelance crime reporter, goes undercover as an ex-German solider and infiltrates an organization named ODDESSA, a league of ex SS officers. While hunting down the commandant of the Riga Concentration camp, Miller is lead through a twisted plot the ends with a surprising ending.


5.) On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Ian Fleming
James Bond attempts to take down SPECTRE and its leader Ernst Bolfeld. Bond is helped by a beautiful woman, Tracy, whose father is the head of Europe's largest crime syndicate. While Blofeld's headquarters are destroyed, Blofeld escapes and takes his revenge on Bond by killing Tracy.


6.) The Spy Who Loved Me - Ian Fleming
Russia has hired SPECTRE to trackdown and kill gangsters who are trying to assassinate a Russian nuclear scientist who has defected and is now living in Toronto. Bond is assigned to protect the scientist as part of a larger plan to track down Enst Blofeld, the head of SPECTRE.



7.) A Man Most Wanted - John le Carre
When a Turkish boxer and his mother, living in Hamburg, innocently take in a homeless person, a chain of events is started which takes in the intelligence services of three countries, a Russian Colonel and intelligence hidden in a Hamburg bank.


8.) Tsar - Ted Bell
Agent Alexander Hawke is embroiled in a twisted plot that that involves an Evil Genius imprisoning Vladimir Putin in a secret prison and is attempting to reconqurer Russia’s former colonies, take over the rest of Europe and declare himself Tsar. The only thing standing in his way is Hawke.


9.) Moscow Rules - Daniel Silva
Gabriel Allon is embroiled in Russian intrigue. He finds out that the "new" Russia is run by the same old iron-fisted bureaucrats.


10.) Transfer of Power - Vince Flynn
Rafique Aziz, an Arab terrorist, enters and takes over the White House by posing as wealthy campaign contributors. The President manages to escape to his bunker before the bloodbath. Aziz takes almost 100 hostages, seals off the White House and begins making demands. With the president incommunicado, the Pentagon and the CIA resort to their secret weapon:  Mitch Rapp. After sneaking into the Executive Mansion, Rapp ruins the terrorists' plans.





Spies, spying, and espionage will always have a devoted following and will probably intrigue us forever.

Ellis Goodman


Ellis M. Goodman was born in England and moved to the United States in 1982. He was educated at Brighton College Sussex, and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and is the former Chairman and CEO of a major US Beverage Alcohol producer, importer and distributor. Ellis M. Goodman is the author of a number of magazine articles on the US Beverage Alcohol Industry, and the business book, Corona: The Inside Story of America's #1 Imported Beer.He serves on a number of civil, educational, and cultural boards in Chicago; and, in 1996, was invested as a Commander of the British Empire by HM Majesty Queen Elizabeth for services to British exports. He and his wife, Gillian, live in Glencoe, Illinois.

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